The BadAss Guide to Raising a Toddler (while going through perimenopause and menopause)


Over 40 and had a baby recently? Congratulations! Not only are you a "Maverick Mom" by having spawned a cute little offspring at this time in your life, but now that you’re smarter, more mature and more settled, you’ll be a much better mom than those 20-somethings  embarking on parenthood, right? You can even be a BadAss mom, right? 

Tell that to your hormones!

If you thought that babyhood was a tough slog, try feeling your way through your kids’ toddlerhood, while your hormones are making you just as (or even more) unpredictable than your “mini me.” 

That’s actually the whole premise of this book: Just as your toddler is going through a predictable storm of developmental stages and behaviours, you— as a 40+ mom— can expect to be experiencing an array of symptoms and behaviours that will leave you wondering if you have lost that tiny bit of the mind you had left.

Don’t despair! You will get through these years with your mind intact (more or less) with a little help from this book (and Dr. Google).

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How Many Times Can You Say Good-bye?

My best friend was dying, and I knew I couldn’t save her. With 1000 kilometers between them, I also knew that I could do little to help my friend (or myself) through the darkest days of our 25-year friendship.

How Many Times Can You Say Goodbye? chronicles, through short notes, an 18-month roller coaster of cancer treatments and raw emotion, through to the moment of one of Canada’s first physician-assisted deaths, on January 11, 2017. It is the story of enduring friendship, an illness that takes over both of our lives, and a remarkable woman who had the courage to live – and die – on her own terms. 

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